Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Comments i have made!!

On Kayla Phillips' blog
Really interesting Kayla. There are some things there that i never really thought about when it comes to cooking. You should check out some of the references online, they could help you out :)


On Rebecca Jones' blog
This is really interesting. Who would of thought so much could come from watching tv huh? I'd like to meet these flatmates of yours, they seem fairly cool. Have you ever thought about how silly the Kardasians are?


On Lucy Andersons blog
I like how you have related your cooking experiences to when you were on placement. Its a good way to relate how cooking meets your needs as an OT. Do you think you could of looked into the the activity a bit more in depth?


Grace Fairhall
Hey I really like the way you have looked at these aspects but is it a good idea to reference the likes of wiki? Good work though


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